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Controlling the Market.

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PH & Associés brings you professional expertise in corporate intermediation in the following areas:


At the heart of the company's support services, the administration, management and organization function is responsible for the day-to-day running of administrative activities. Among the areas of intervention of PH & Associés, we can cite Human Resources management; corporate taxation; organization and optimization of organization and optimization of administrative processes.


PH & Associés after studies will be able to accompany you for the sale of products, services or your company as soon as the firm has found a a business opportunity. PH & Associates does more than that! We meditate on on this formulation: "business development is possible if you take care of your business if you take care of your business network".

Public Relations

In order to promote the image of the brand and to convey a positive message to foster good good relations with our partners, PH & associés uses communication methods and techniques and techniques to clearly and objectively present our partners' policies to the public.


Aware that prospecting is an important strategic step in the development process of a company development process of a company seeking to expand its market, we seek for our partners potential customers potential customers for our partners in order to turn them into real customers.


When a partner does not have a local representative, it can choose to mandate PH & Associés to represent it. The partner must draw up a representation mandate and mention in it the name of its representative, the period and its missions.


In the case of a debt, PH & Associés assists its partners by using its relations as well as all legal means, amicable and/or judicial, to obtain from the debtor the payment of the debt owed to the partner.


After prospecting on a market, the partner may consider setting up a business to perpetuate its action. This choice can result from an obligation linked to the market itself, which makes it compulsory to be established on the territory or a partnership with a local company to have the right to exercise its activity. We check the relevance of the structures according to the country of establishment as well on the legal legal and fiscal aspects. The partner has the choice between different forms of establishment with a more or less The partner can choose between different forms of establishment with a more or less important involvement: the representative office; the branch; the commercial or industrial subsidiary; the joint venture.

Our companies

PH & Associés supports its partners in the field through the following companies:

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